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Liquid Multivitamin for Gamers

Why does Prodovite Work? It’s a miracle supplement for gamers that no one knew about until around 1 year ago.

This is a special supplement because usually gamers don’t know how hard it is for their body to digest things if they are sitting around all day. It’s almost impossible to absorb all the nutrients in your body if you are crouched over like the a troll. You see, when you are slouched over like that, there isn’t any way for the dissolving chemicals to get to the food you’ve eaten. Not to mention that the food you eat has been stripped of any nutrients because of the way modern food production is.

The thing about Prodovite, is that it’s literally built in a digestive compound that breaks down your food for you. You don’t even have to get your stomach to digest it for you. Most people don’t realize that the reason you aren’t healthy is because your body can’t break down enough nutrition. The nutrition is going into your body, but it’s not going into your blood.

The first thing you should do if you want to take advantage of this is go to your local gym without eating. If you are fasted for 5 hours before you go to the gym, you should feel tired and worn out during and after the workout. The next thing is to buy a bottle of Prodovite from Once you’ve bought it and you are able to take it, fast for 5 hours and then take the multivitamin. Immediately after, take yourself to the gym. Test out how you feel while you are at the gym while taking Prodovite and then test those results against when you went to exercise fasted. You will have drastically different results.

All in all, I give this multivitamin a 9 out of 10. It’s easy to use and tastes like something you can put down your gullet everyday.

Health For Gamers

You might be surprised to hear that gamers want to stay in shape too. You might think that not a lot of people who play video games like to stay in shape but statistics show that 60% of people who play video games have habits that promote well being. Most of the time, the way they like to do this is by taking supplements that help with their performance in their games. 

Everyone likes to feel good. Green juice and super foods can prevent the feeling of grogginess which can come from sitting at a computer all day. If you know someone who is like this, you should contact us with their name to the right and tell us what game they play.